RuffTRACK is a grassroots organisation that is highly community driven. Our incredible program is the result of valuable collaboration between: 

Breaking down barriers between our participants and police.


Sharing valuable learnings from their incredibly successful youth works program in Armidale

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Farmer Dave

Providing RuffTRACK's incredible training farm and sharing his immense love and knowledge of training working dogs

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We couldn't provide our program to young people without the generous support from:


Donated a 21-seated Bus for 

transport for our growing participants to our programmes, and also providing work experiences for participants

Donated a Toyota Hiace which does our free door to door pickup and drop off service throughout Hawkesbury/BlackTown Area


Providing material for our projects in the workshop

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Providing quality feed our amazing furry crew


Sponsored QLD Connect to country and Communities engagement trip for participants

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Sponsoring St. Alban Bushfire Recovery Communities Work 

by participants


The NRL support RuffTRACK through Bruce Healer the Mascot of the NSW Blues as well as mentorship from their legacy starts of the field

Recognition and awards program that connects and enriches communities in Australia


A village ike RuffTRACK that believes connection is key