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RuffTRACK will not happen without your support. This year in 2023 we are hosting a number of events to raise money to purchase our RuffTRACK FOREVER FARM so our young people have a permanent place to call home.  We hope you, family and friends can come along and join in the fun and support us.


RuffTRACK Krispy Kreme Drive

ORDER CLOSE 31st Oct 2023

Thank you so much for choosing to support the Young people at Rufftrack by buying a box (or 2 😉) of Krispy Kreme Donuts. 

We greatly appreciate your support !!


Pickups on Sat, 18th NOV 2023 at the Rufftrack Farm, between 9AM~12 noon


Deliveries available on Friday, 17th NOV 2023. ONLY FOR LOCAL & >10 BOXES 


12 Pack of Original Glazed - $25 a Box

12 Pack of Assorted Donuta - $35 a Box

Our RuffTRACK Crew will also be at various Agricultural shows around Australia showing off their dog training skills with their Loyal Companion. 

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