RuffTRACK is a fully registered charity with all cash donations being fully tax deductible and we rely on the generosity of businesses, community groups and individuals to get involved and help us out!

Our most immediate needs are...

  • Fuel Cards... could your work place fund a fuel card, we spend on average $300 on petrol each week transporting the young people to and from the RuffTRACK farm and to our educational outings

  • Volunteers with WWC cards to be drivers who can drive the young people to and from our facility for 2-3 hours a day

  • Single bed linen and towels...we go through a lot!

  • Cash donations! And you will even get a tax deductible receipt. We need funds desperately and if it sounds like we are begging tit's because we are! We need your help no matter how big or small

  • Elders! We really feel that mature age people can give massive amounts of skill and craft knowledge to our young people, ie. woodwork, carving, leatherwork, mechanics, welding, animal husbandry

  • Skilled dog trainers who can commit to one afternoon per week to assist in the training of our dogs to ensure they are in the best position to help our kids on their journey

  • Tradesmen for weekend and weekday workshops, specialising in; mechanics, carpentry, landscaping, welding, metal fabrication and aluminium fabrication

  • Bus Driver for Tuesday and Thursday pick ups at 11:30-12:30 and drop offs at 3:30-4:30 in our Toyota Hiace bus (open licence required) 

  • Building materials; - construction wood for building carpentry jobs, sheet metal and aluminium: 3mm to 6mm thick for plasma cutting, 

  • Trades tools: from spanners to power tools for our workshop 

  • Ride on lawnmower for our LawnLads 'n' Lasses self generated income programme 

Who we would love to thank...

  • BlackHawk Pet Care for their incredible generosity in supplying their top quality dog food for our 30 dogs. 

  • Youth In Search who provide a weekly support group for our young people and camps for our young people to attend. 

  • MiniCrete Seven Hills for supplying RuffTRACK with a Toyota Hiace Bus that allows us to transport our young people to and from the RuffTRACK Farm Daily. 

  • Hawkesbury Helping Hands who generously supply food to RuffTRACK Farm for our crew, the young people and our many animals.

  • Second Bite for providing weekly consumables such as pantry items, personal care items, animal feed and dog enrichment products. 

  • Buttsworth Steel in Windsor for all our steel needs for the workshop

  • Hawkesbury Community Outreach Service for our Support Workers two days per week

  • BackTrack and Bernie Shakeshaft for making it all happen and leading the way of radical change for our young people.

  • Hawkesbury Police for all their assistance and guidance with our programme. 

  • Boat Camping Fishing - BCF for the generous donation of 25 swags for our participants 

If you or your organisation would like to give a helping hand to this amazing program, just email us at office@rufftrack.com

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