RuffTRACK is a not for profit organisation and we rely on the generosity of businesses, community groups and individuals to get involved to help us out!

Some of our most immediate needs are:

  • funding for Dog Food to help feed the 21 dogs and puppies in the program

  • donations of dog training equipment as we grow (leads, collars, training belts, etc

  • donation of the use of bus to carry up to 14 people for outings and performances 

  • drivers who can transport participants to and from our training facility

  • uniforms for the participants including branded show shirts and branded work shirts and heavy duty work pants (our kids often only have tracksuits and old school uniforms to wear). This will help them look and feel like professionals, improve their  self image and self worth, share in community values around appearance and allow others to view them with an improved sense of belonging

  • funding for participant lunches - each training day our participants and crew cook and eat lunch together (this is often the only substantial meal our participants will have that day)


If you or your organisation would like to give a helping hand to this amazing program, just email us at office@rufftrack.com

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