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Our Services

RuffTRUCK Mobile Coffee Shop

This youth led social enterprise is giving employment pathways and direct empoyment to our Level 3 and 4 young people. Developing fine motor skills, customer service, attention to detail, working under stressful environments as a close knit team, managing finances and productivity as well as budgeting and food hygene skills. This exciting new activation is availble in conjuction with The traveling Muttley Crew performance team across NSW and Southern Qld or as a stand alone within the Sydney Basin.

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FabLads - Metal Fabrication and Plasma CUTTING

FABLADS is an employment pathways and direct employment social enterprise which skills up Core Programme and Leadership Programme young people in manufacturing and creative fabrication skills. Engaging level 2, 3 and 4 skill base the activation provides self motivation development, self discipline in productivity, business skills, waste managment,PPE navigation, design and implimentation skills. All products made from the enterprise are sold to self fund and return both finacial and human development dividends back to RuffTRACK. We are availible for custom jobs of any size.

LawnLads and Land REGEN

Lawn Lads is a Level 1 social enterprise building on the foundational skills attained in the Round Yard Project to develop teamwork, working under supervision, task orientated timeliness, customer relations, personal pride , PPE usage, basic understanding of productivity and ownership of what a work environment looks and feels like. Land Regen is also a Level 1 activation with both ability to engage further training for level 2&3, in clearing invasive species and planting sustainable native vegitation.

MUTTLEY CREW performances & school incursion

This show gives children an appreciation of the human/dog journey, our history of working together, the creation of breeds and the modern science based training methods in which to enrich the lives of pets and train dogs in our service. This fun and interactive perfomance builds in messages of building bonds based on trust and mutual reward as well as responsibility and the joy of the shared journey. We ramp things up with Performances in K9 Ninja, K9 SuperWall, Temptation Alley and Fungility. The RuffTRACK MUTTLEY CREW have performed in all states of Australia , all major cities and over 250 schools as well as Australia's Got Talent.

Our Community Work - BUSHFIRE FENCING

RuffTRACK had been awarded a Black Summer Grant to assist Bush Fire affected Land Owners in fencing and land regeneration work. The grant will facilitate up to 90% of the labour cost for Bushfire related damages on fences (including site clearing for work)

If you are in the Hawkesbury Region and your fences were affected by bush fire during 2019-2020, you are entitled to apply to us for this assistance. We will go through a selection process and notify you once your application is successful.

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