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Round Yard Project - Foundation Programme

Tried everything but nothing is working', is kinda where we find most carers, caseworkers or parents, this programme resets and reinvigorates a young person into two trajectories of either education or employment after their ten weeks.

The 'Round Yard' program is a gateway into the full RuffTRACK program and takes participants on a 10 week journey 'joining up' with a young dog at a similar stage in life to themselves and working together to accomplish daily goals of manners, communication, overcoming challenges as well as sheep herding, and fun dog Sports such as K9 Super Wall and DockDogs.  

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The Core Programme

The RuffTRACK Core programme runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 9:30am through to 3pm. The Core programme includes a wide variety of educational activities that aim to give our young people skills. 

It also offers our young people the opportunity to participate in various Cert II and Cert III TAFE courses which will aid them in their future careers. RuffTRACK also offers our young people who are 15 or older the chance to participate in a Rural Operations Cert II Traineeship. 

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