The Round Yard Project

Our foundational course is run in conjunction with young people's current schooling and aligns with each 10 week NSW School Term. Attendance is 10-3:00pm Tuesday and Thursday at RuffTRACK Farm.

This programme aims to engage young people in learning in a fun environment on our RuffTRACK farm with our adult trades leaders and peer supports. We cover a broad area of engagement with a vast range of animals, horticulture, mechanics, woodwork, metal work, education around healthy relationships, arts and crafts, capacity building, assistance with school work and dog training. 

The main idea is to teach our young people the skills to use their inner; Communication, Consideration, Commitment, Consistency, Companionship, Compatibility, Cohesion, Compassion, Competency and Career Drive. 

The Core Programme

The RuffTRACK Core programme runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 10am through to 3pm. The young people are picked up in the RuffTRACK bus in the Hawkesbury area from 8am to 9:30am and dropped home 3:00-4:30pm. The core programme includes a wide variety of educational activities that aim to give our young people skills in; 
- Literacy and Numeracy 

- Animal husbandry 

- Sustainability, both in land management and household management 

- Mathematics

- Science including biology and Ag Science 

- Public speaking, confidence building, vocal coaching and articulation 

- Performing arts 

- Computer skills

- Horticulture 

- Metal and wood work

- Small and large engine mechanics 

- Construction 

- Budgeting 

- Landscaping 

- Engagement and interaction within the community

- Food Technology 

- Plumbing 

- Arts and Crafts 

- Working cohesively and successfully in groups 

- Indigenous culture appreciation. 

The RuffTRACK Core programme also offers our young people the opportunity to participate in various Cert I and Cert II TAFE courses which will aid them in their future careers. RuffTRACK also offers our young people who are 14years and 9 months or older the chance to participate in a Rural Operations Cert II Traineeship.