Farmer Dave is youngest of 11 kids and grew up on a beef cattle, cropping and sheep station that has grown to  almost 100,000 acres. Like many restless bushies who deal with the intensity of droughts and floods he's tried to pack as much into his 40 years as possible. 
He walked the catwalks and graced the billboards of Europe at 19, travelled to over 80 countries on a quest to understand the people and places of the planet, used reality TV to change people's views about gay Australians and raise awareness of the plight of drought stricken farmers, built a lamb business that changed the consumer producer relationships, built the worlds premier dog Disneyland and education facility, became an internationally recognised dog training expert and MC, introduced a plethora of dog sports to doglovers around the world and runs a host of education and entertainment platforms to build relationships between the city and country. 

Let's just say he has done a lot, seen a lot, shared a lot and is able to articulate complex issues to people who are often unaware of what is going on outside their lives.

After working with the incredible team at BackTrack he has taken on their amazing philosophy of empowerment to young people in the city.


Farmer Dave Graham


The famous saying by a former PM ' life wasn't meant to be easy, my child, but take courage: it can be delightful' sums up this young man's approach to life. 

From difficult beginnings Phil found his way to Bernie Shakeshaft and BackTrack, was given skills direction and purpose through their engaging programmes, at 18 Phil started to work closely with DockDogs becoming a national champion with his dog Ned. This lead him to journey across the USA as the first Australian team to compete in North America.

Phil runs the RuffTRACK base farm, west of Sydney and epitomises the story of what we stand for, young people dealt an often unkind hand but through self belief and guiding hands built an alternate life to be proud of.

Soon Phil and Ned will compete at the World Championships in Dubuque Iowa coming full circle from the shadows to the world stage. 

Without the BackTrack program this new life he has built on solid foundations would not have been possible. It is this appreciation that propels Phil to assist young people like him to reach their potential.

Training Assistant

Farmer Phil Pickford


A Kamilaroi Man from Northern NSW Trey 'Ducky' Fernando brings not only his understanding of traditional culture but the lived experience of the BackTrack success story.

As a youthworker Ducky guides the RuffTRACKers through our programs, empowering them through education and community.

Ducky performs our school outreach Program  'Connect to My Country', which allows for a deeper connection of primary school aged children across the whole Australian story. Sharing his experiences, knowledge and sense of belonging.

Youth Worker

Uncle Ducky Fernando


Hailing from the heart of Australia Zac brings a deep connection to country and an appreciation for working together to bring us all up. He is a brilliant speaker is able to bridge the gaps that can exist between groups in a way that forges a sense of togetherness.

Having graduated through the BackTrack program,  Zac has lived through what our young participants are currently experiencing and gives them guidance through a share journey.

Zac manages both our Connect to my Country and Outback Challenge which gives city based kids an appreciation for life west of the Great Divide.

Youth Worker

Uncle Zac Craig

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