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Standard shipping cost: AU$ 15.35

Jimmy Plush Toy     $50 each + Shipping
Each purchase with have a hand written THANK YOU CARD from our RuffTracK young participant.

High quality plush toy, a replica of Jimmy Chew , K9 Challenge Ninja Champion.

Jimmy Chew is our resident Ninja. He also mingle very well with our RuffTRACK young participants, acting as 'treatment dog'.


Please email your order to and pay the total cost

to our account below.

Email Subject: Jimmy Plush Toy Order


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Order Item         : Jimmy Plush Toy

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Total Cost          : ($50 + $15.35 ) x Quantity = 

Our direct NAB bank account details are;

BSB: 082 918
Account Number: 27 750 0091

We are a Fully Registered Charity ( ABN: 16 637 113 896) with ATO, ASIC and with the NSW Governement Department of Revenue so if you want a tax deductible receipt please send a copy of your donation and an email with your full name and address to and we will send you a Tax Receipt.

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