The RuffTRACK Program

Our goal is to harness the talents of our young participants, who chose to make a change in their lives and reach their full potential. We aim to empower these young people by helping them establish trust and bonds with our amazing working dogs. 

The 'Round Yard' program is a gateway into the full RuffTRACK program and takes participants on a 6 week journey 'joining up' with a young dog at a similar stage in life to themselves and working together to accomplish daily goals of manners, communication, overcoming challenges as well as sheep herding, and fun dog Sports such as K9 Super Wall and DockDogs.  

The RuffTRACK program is designed to encourage young people who are falling through the cracks at no fault of their own to re-integrate into society. This is achieved by skills attained through programs based around building relationships, animal care and training, public speaking, agricultural education, self-generated income projects, community outreach services and connecting to country. 

RuffTRACK measures the success of participants in our program through the daily transformation of each young person. 

The RuffTRACK crew then takes this knowledge on the road with our incredible community outreach programs and performances in schools across Australia. They include:


RuffTRACK Farm Furry Friend Adventures 

This show takes city kids across the Great Dividing Range to country Australia. They get to learn about sustainable production in the Australian environment and understand each species of animal and their care ending on a hands on experience for an up close and personal finish.


Muttley Crew

This show gives children an appreciation of the human/dog journey, our history of working together, the creation of breeds and the modern science based training methods in which to enrich the lives of pets and train dogs in our service. This fun and interactive perfomance builds in messages of building bonds based on trust and mutual reward as well as responsibility and the joy of the shared journey.

Connect to my country

This gives children the opportunity to directly experience our first cultures, the way they lived, how they lived now and how they continue to be part of our dynamic nation. Allowing the children to relate back to their own lives through sustainability, respect, appreciation, cultural awareness and positive interactions.


Farmers Challenge

We take kids on a series of fun, team-based obstacles to build their understanding and appreciation of the daily lives of Aussie farmers. Kids learn that the food they eat doesn't just appear in the shops - it's the hard work and resilience of our amazing farming families who ensure our supermarkets are stocked, no matter the challenges of the harsh Australian environment.

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