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Round Yard Project- foundation programme

TEN WEEK Transformation, for disengaged youth (ages11-17),

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  • Londonderry

Service Description

'tried everything but nothing is working', is kinda where we find most carers, caseworkers or parents, this programme resets and reinvigorates a young person into two trajectories of either education or employment after their ten weeks. The programme set up- WEEK 1-2 Breaking Down Behaviour and Creating Connections -set up for the future and whats expected -creating a safe space through democratic agreements -join up with a dog, each young person choses from our dogs which is to be their journey mate -connection building through dog training and care -breaking bad habits -forming new habits -engagement through fun - activities woodwork, horticulture, small animal care, alpacca hugging, art, campfire connection day WEEK 3-4 Building New Habits -confidence building -violence reduction -acknowledging triggers understanding perspective -drug/alcohol reduction strategies -addiction avoidance-conflict resolution -activities- performances, walks and talks, construction, animal care, dog training, metal fabrication, art, sheep herding, horticulture. WEEK 5 Team Work -competency and skills attainment -carpentry project -giving back to the community -metal fabrication project -team building activations -team adventure in the bush/activity -activities-performances, metal fabrication, carpentry, horticulture, dog training, animal care, sheep herding, prophylactic care. Week 6-7 Future Pathways -hopes and dreams assessment -understanding the big picture -site visits to business and education facilities -guest speakers Week 8 Pressure Week -Individual Activities -Group Activities - excursions, incursions Week 9 Reflections Week. -looking back and learning form the lived experience -imagining the future -creating the real steps -accessing the village Week 10 Celebration Week -celebrating the wins and focusing on the wins with group activities and adventures.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance

Contact Details

  • 351 Londonderry Road, Londonderry NSW, Australia


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