RuffTRACK TRUCKER CAP - Transforming Young Lives, One Paw At A Times !!!


You are welcome to sponsor our RuffTRACK young participant a RuffTRACK Trucker Cap.


High quality Cap, embroidered with RuffTRACK logo.


RuffTRACK Logo design incorporates cultural elements of our young people and their support workers, the tracks paved as we are in the edge of the big smoke leading to the meeting place of many different generations and cultures at RuffTRACK farm (essentially the multicultural make up of the Place we call home and the village that we need to raise our young people).

At the meeting place 6 young people ... our original 6 and their guide who takes the form of elders, farmers, police, coaches and Support Adults.

RuffTRACK Trucker Cap

  • Size         : One Size fits M/L/XL or 56.8cm to 61.6cm.

    Material : Cotton with Mesh back.

    High quality, embroidered with RuffTRACK logo.

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