Our Muttley Crew 


  Jimmy Chew

Jimmy Chew our resident Ninja



The crowd pleaser 



The Goat that thinks like a dog 



Diesel is a very well mannered dog who is incredibly loyal to his handler. Diesel trusts his handler 100% and keeps level head in many stressful situations. 

Diesel is eager to learn and is quick to master his training and activities. 

Diesel is an all rounder as he is an expert in sheep herding and is becoming very well trained in dog high jump. 

All in all he is a very friendly, playful and compassionate dog who is very well trained and knows when it's game time!



Mallee is one of are K9 ninja dog and also the mother to most of the dogs and pups. she is very good at sheep herding and has good control over them. She also love to be played with and always likes to go fo runs with  the other dogs



A 5 year old male kelpie who is our stud sire to 15 kelpies on the RuffTRACK farm.


Didge is a big lover of sheep and is always up for a big adventure.

and does this all while looking like a stud who rocks his studded collar.


Didge is amazing at sheep herding, good with high jump, very friendly, social and he is also a peacekeeper... but he still doesn't know how to sit!!! 









Bunya's bio coming soon!



Billie is loyal in every regard she will do anything to keep you safe Billie is a very competitive dog and she will out run anyone. She is smart, loving and strategic however has a very playful side.  

Being a young dog on the RuffTRACK Farm, she Is in the introductory stage of all the dog activities, however her motivation and willingness to learn will see her master these activities in no time! 

Billie is a shy girl but with the confidence and guidance given to her by her handler she is becoming the wonderful dog everyone knows she can be. 



The Princess Protector 



Jedda originally working for Border Force, has retired to the perfect life on the RuffTRACK Farm. 



Buddy is a young 1 year old kelpie who is very energetic.

Buddy loves to play and is really good at high jump and sheep herding.


Buddy is a really good looking dog and has mastered the name game, he knows when it is competition and when to settle. 



Poppy's bio coming soon!



Scud is very friendly and loyal dog as he follows all instruction given to him by his handler. He is very good at high jump, reaching a height of 8 foot 2.


Scud is a very energetic dog who is  always eager to get out and go for a run and never is one to shy away from a swim. 

Scud is also an all rounder as he is also very good in the herding yard. 



Our newest addition to the RuffTRACK Farm. Coming from a long history of top working line genetics he brings a bright future for the RuffTRACK team. 

Pink is a gentle natured dog that loves a good cuddle, he is already eager to learn high jump. 



Choppa is one of our 18 month old pups and he is a energetic and happy dog who is always ready for action  but he knows when he needs to be chilled. 

Choppa is black and tan kelpie with a white chest, our RuffTRACK team think he is very handsome and intelligent  



Blaze is a loyal dog that has heaps of energy and alway was to run and play with the other dogs, he walk well on the lead next to me and is focused. Blaze is eager to learn and to improve with his manners and abilities.



Skrilla is  timid but keen for work dog although not the best on the wall she is great at working with live stock and learning new tricks and abilities she is corageous and brave and loves her owner, she is a very loyal dog. 

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