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Frequent Asked Questions

Q : About Us

RuffTRACK is an awesome youth program based at the RuffTRACK Farm near Riverstone. A fully registered charity, we take on young people (12-17 years old) who have disengaged with school and the community to give them skills, education, a sense of self-worth and reconnecting them with their community. We work closely with Hawkesbury police and the incredible Back Track Youth Works to make a real change in young people lives.
Each young person bonds with a dog in their first days. That partnership takes them on a journey of learning responsibility, caring for others, and communicating without violence. The team then travels the country demonstrating their skills and giving them purpose and a reason to give life a serious go.

Q : What services and programmes do we offer?

We have two programmes at RuffTRACK

-First one is our foundation program called Round Yard Project.
​Our foundational course is run in conjunction with young people's current schooling and aligns with each 10-week NSW School Term. Attendance is 9:30-3:00pm Tuesday and Thursday at RuffTRACK Farm.
​This programme aims to engage young people in learning in a fun environment on our RuffTRACK farm with our adult trades leaders and peer supports. We cover a broad area of engagement with a vast range of animals, horticulture, mechanics, woodwork, metal work, education around healthy relationships, arts and crafts, capacity building, assistance with schoolwork and dog training. 

​The main idea is to teach our young people the skills to use their inner, Communication, Consideration, Commitment, Consistency, Companionship, Compatibility, Cohesion, Compassion, Competency and Career Drive. 

-Second is Core Programme
The RuffTRACK Core programme runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of 9:30am through to 3pm. The young people are picked up in the RuffTRACK bus in the Hawkesbury area from 8am to 9:30am and dropped home 3:00-4:30pm.

The core programme includes a wide variety of educational activities that aim to give our young people skills in; 
- Literacy and Numeracy 
- Animal husbandry 
- Sustainability, both in land management and household management 
- Mathematics
- Science including biology and Ag Science 
- Public speaking, confidence building, vocal coaching, and articulation 
- Performing arts 
- Computer skills
- Horticulture 
- Metal and woodwork
- Small and large engine mechanics 
- Construction 
- Budgeting 
- Landscaping 
- Engagement and interaction within the community
- Food Technology 
- Plumbing 
- Arts and Crafts 
- Working cohesively and successfully in groups 
- Indigenous culture appreciation.

Q : What are the costs to attend the programme?

The costs to attend our programmes are $200.00 a day Monday-Friday, $250.00 on weekends when workshops are available and $300 a night for camp overnights.

Q : Where are we located?

We are located on Windsor Rd in Grantham Farm, NSW

Q : How do we apply for an intake?

Go to our website and click on apply for an intake, fill out all details about the young person and the person referring.

Q : What’s the process after applying for an intake?

First process is to fill out our intake form, we then will reach out with some info and costings about RuffTRACK within a couple of weeks via email, the intake officer will then call you to discuss a tour of the farm. It will be up to the programmes manager if the young person will be accepted into
the program. We do have a lengthy waiting list to participate in the RuffTRACK programme.

Q : What is the email contact? for any queries regarding the programme or wanting to volunteer.

Q : Do we provide crisis accommodation?

At this moment we are at capacity and do not provide onsite crisis accommodation.

Q : Are we a registered Charity?

We sure are. We are a Fully Registered Charity ( ABN: 16 637 113 896) with ATO, ASIC and with the NSW Government Department of Revenue so if you want a tax deductible receipt please send a copy of your donation and an email with your full name and address to and we will send you a Tax Receipt.

Q : How do we donate?

Easy just head to our website and click on donate button to make your taxable donation.

Q : What is the age group we take on?

12-17 years of age. Any young people who turn 18 in our programme must have a WWC number.

Q : How can we become a volunteer?

By filling out our volunteer form and letting us know how you can help us out! Must have a WWC and police check done within the last 6 months.

Q : Are we registered the same as a school for education curriculum?

No, we are not a registered educational school, we work alongside schools and tafe pathways to ensure they are attending and engaging in a programme that helps kids that have fallen through the cracks and skill them up for a an employable future.

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