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Bushfire Fencing

RuffTRACK had been awarded a Black Summer Grant (from Australia Government) to assist Bush Fire affected Land Owners in fencing and land regeneration work. The grant will facilitate up to 90% off the labour cost for Bushfire related damages on fences (including site clearing for work)

If you are in the Hawkesbury Region and your fences were affected by bush fire during 2019-2020, you are entitled to apply to us for this assistance. We will go through a selection process and notify you once your application is successful.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to pay a non-refundable standard site assessment and quotation (SSAQ) fees of $300 inclusive GST plus additional site assessment scope**. Our assessment team will contact you and go to your land to assess the bushfire damaged fences. This SSAQ fees shall form part of the project fees if you accept our quotation and proceed with our contract of work.

** additional fees shall apply if the scope of assessment work exceeds what has been provided in this application form.

If you have google account, please fill up your application through the Application button at the top of this paragraph.

If you would like to fill in physical form, please download the below files and email to together with other files (photos, map etc)

- Bushfire Application form

- Fence details

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